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    i have a page called /forum that has the shortcode to display the forum index. When I click on a item it will go to that post. In the breadcrumb there will be home->forums->post, clicking on /forums takes me not to /forum where my shortcode is located but to the hard coded thingy that is defined in the plugin setup? So I have to mess around with trying to make templates just to get it working with my theme, when it just seems that if you make use of shortcodes for the operation of the forum, it would be compatible with ALL themes more or less. Is that a correct assumption?

    As it stands now, I don’t think I will be able to use this plugin because I do not have the time to workout all the different things just to make it work with my theme. I really should not be complaining for something that is free to the community and it is not to diminish the great work of the developers, this is not my intent. After fiddling for days trying to get this to work correctly, I just came to the conclusion that maybe it would be better if shortcodes where used exclusively for the functionality of the operations, then all of these sorts of problems should become non existing.

    if I could have a page called /forums that would override the /forums settings defined in the plugin then that would work, but how can you tell wordpress to do this? I looked and tried different things, but it all becomes way more work then it seems it should be when a shortcode would do the trick. Any way, I am curious to know how other people are getting bbPress to work properly with their themes. I am open to suggestions, ideas and thoughts.

    Oh, one thing I did was to setup a redirect from /forums to /forum (forum index shortcode) and that seems to be working so far. Not sure yet what side effects maybe lurking as a result. So far so good. But when I sit back and think about it, what keeps coming to mind is… why? Why should I even have to do something like this??



Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)