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  • You can see the current, half-integrated version at http://www.macnotes.de/forum/.

    The new version will be up and running in January.

    Here is a quick workaround I just figured out, but I’m not sure this is state of the art:

    Instead of

    require_once(dirname(__FILE__) . '/../wp-blog-header.php');

    in config.php, I put

    `if ( !defined(‘DB_NAME’) && !strstr($_SERVER[“PHP_SELF”],’bb-admin’) )

    require_once(dirname(__FILE__) . ‘/../wp-blog-header.php’); `

    Okay, here is another problem:

    Ever since I’ve integrated WordPress as detailed above, I can’t access the bb-admin .. it’s just a blank page.. as soon as I remove WordPress integration, it’ll work again.

    @livibetter: Awesome, now it works. You made my day!!!

    And regarding variable parsing: Nice to know, wasn’t aware of that.

    guys, thanks for your help. it’s time to go to bed on this side of the pond now, but I’ll investigate further tomorrow!

    echoed $mofile, and it does reference the right language file.. just doesn’t load it.

    tried out your workaround, does not seem to work (doesn’t load language file).

    also, shouldn’t it be $mofile = BBLANGDIR . $locale . ".mo";?

    but even with that fixed, it doesn’t work.

    but still, thanks a lot!!

    Well, basically all of them, including plugins. I want to use my WP header, sidebar etc. and I am planning to build some custom functions that make use both of WP and bbPress functions. So I really do need integration.

    Did you find out anything on what exactly is causing the hick-up?

    Thanks for your support on this, wouldn’t have come this far whithout you.

    I guess I could manually change everything to German, but that’s obviously just the second best solution.

    hey, using your method i found what’s causing the problem.

    i’s the following lines from bb-settings.php:

    if ( defined(‘BBLANG’) && ” != constant(‘BBLANG’) ) {

    include_once(BBPATH . BBINC . ‘streams.php’);

    include_once(BBPATH . BBINC . ‘gettext.php’);


    When I remove them, it works. However, then it doesn’t load my language file (which is perfectly working without integration, btw). Any ideas?

    thanks, livibetter.

    well, i tried your method, and “WordPress loaded” does show up in the error log..

    Btw, I just deactivated all bbPress plugins and switched to the standard theme, but still no luck.

    I’m running WP 2.3.1 and bbPres 0.8.3.

    The server’s error log looks like this:

    [Sun Dec 16 21:52:52 2007] [error] [client] PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare _http_build_query() in /var/www/web7/web/wp-includes/compat.php on line 108

    But I suspect those are the errors from when I put the integration line to the end of the config.php file. There do not seem to be any errors in the log file from when put at the top.

    Well, actually it’s a Safari error message and it’s in German, but I’ll post it anyway:

    “Safari kann die Seite „..“ nicht öffnen, da der Server die Verbindung unerwartet beendet hat. Dies tritt manchmal auf, wenn ein Server überlastet ist. Möglicherweise können Sie die Seite später öffnen.”

    Rough translation: “Safari can’t open the page .., because the connection was unexpectedly reset by the server. This may occur if the server is busy. You might try again later.”

    In Firefox, I just get a white page, no error message.

    When I add the “”require_once(‘/var/www/web7/web/wp-blog-header.php’);” line to the bottom of config.php, I get this error message:

    “Fatal error: Cannot redeclare _http_build_query() in /var/www/web7/web/wp-includes/compat.php on line 108”

    Again, both WordPress and bbPress are running fine on its own, but it seems as soon as I try to load them together, something goes wrong.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)