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    I certainly understand on both counts.

    Let’s just take the main issue that I have.

    I create a category and then a forum under that category. The problem is that the forum is indenting to the right under the category instead of showing up as one line as I have requested per the BBP Style Pac template.

    You can see the indent of the forum under the categories here for visual reference:

    The question is do you or anyone else know why this might be occurring?

    Thank you,



    Thank you Robin for your response. It’s much appreciated. I actually had already tried that route exactly as you have described plus I probably didn’t make my question clear on the private part.

    Here is the link to my test page of forums –

    I made “Pasteboard Heaven” a category and then packet of fun with PH its parent. Even though I chose Alternate on BPQ my site is creating an indent instead of bringing it down one notch on its on line.

    Regarding the private portion I meant I didn’t want the private groups to display on my main forum index page.

    Any thoughts on why my bbpress is creating an indent?

    Any thoughts on how to hide th private groups from displaying on my forum page?

    Thank you Robin or any others.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)