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  • Many thanks, Chris

    Where do we find latest dev version for those of us on localhosts?

    For running on localhost

    Somewhere around line 25 of bb-load.php there should be a line that starts with error_reporting(. Change it to error_reporting(E_ERROR | E_WARNING | E_PARSE | E_USER_ERROR | E_USER_WARNING);

    External Install…almost there…..

    Login to WP as admin, click on forums (bbpress) tab and see that I am logged in to BBpress as roger|Admin|Log Out. (I am roger)

    But it is only a “partial” login. If I click “roger”, I go to profile page. If I click Admin, nothing happens!

    But, there is a workaround.

    If I logout and login at bbpress, then Admin takes me to dashboard.

    Whoa, there is another problem. If I try to logout from bbpress dashboard, buddypress says page not found.

    Workaround is to “visit site” and then I can logout of bbpress.

    All of this is very weird behavior. Any ideas about what is going wrong?

    Chris, many thanks, that is sure simple.

    Actually, I am trying to develop a site based on wordpress and bbpress that is friendly for senior citizens. The wordpress side will have useful information for the audience, that I and others can contribute to, and the bbpress side will have the forum where if a viewer chooses, they can register and enter into a discussion. I have looked at buddypress, but I think it has a lot of features that are not useful, much less at all understood by a senior citizen audience. Social networking is not their thing.

    So I guess I was looking for a WP theme where I can display an intro, and the blog and forum clickable areas, and maybe just another couple of items. Anything more will confuse, and be a turn off, for many who don’t know what a browser is.

    A huge and fast growing market is the aging population, and those that design interfaces for these users will have great success.

    Thanks again,


    In reply to: Deprecated???

    Worked great. Thanks for the prompt reply.

    Do you mean that you do not recommend using the “development version” on a live site?

    Is this version OK for a live site with the fix you identified?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)