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    Ah, thanks :) I hadn’t bothered to go back and see if those minor things were working correctly on the old server.



    I got very close, playing around with converting it on my own. I took the .htaccess file that was generated on the old server and used it to create this (placed in my lighttpd config file):

    url.rewrite-once = (

    "^/forum/([^/]+)/page/([0-9]+)/?$" => "/forum.php?id=$1&page=$2",

    "^/forum/([^/]+)/?$" => "/forum.php?id=$1",

    "^/topic/([^/]+)/page/([0-9]+)/?$" => "/topic.php?id=$1&page=$2",

    "^/topic/([^/]+)/?$" => "/topic.php?id=$1",

    "^/tags/([^/]+)/page/([0-9]+)/?$" => "/tags.php?tag=$1&page=$2",

    "^/tags/([^/]+)/?$" => "/tags.php?tag=$1",

    "^/tags/?$" => "/tags.php",

    "^/profile/([^/]+)/page/([0-9]+)/?$" => "/profile.php?id=$1&page=$2",

    "^/profile/([^/]+)/([^/]+)/?$" => "/profile.php?id=$1&tab=$2",

    "^/profile/([^/]+)/([^/]+)/page/([0-9]+)/?$" => "/profile.php?id=$1&tab=$2&page=$3",

    "^/profile/([^/]+)/([^/]+)/favorites/?$" => "/profile.php?id=$1&tab=favorites",

    "^/profile/([^/]+)/?$" => "/profile.php?id=$1",

    "^/view/([^/]+)/page/([0-9]+)/?$" => "/view.php?view=$1&page=$2",

    "^/view/([^/]+)/?$" => "/view.php?view=$1",

    "^/rss/?$" => "/rss.php",

    "^/rss/forum/([^/]+)/?$" => "/rss.php?forum=$1",

    "^/rss/topic/([^/]+)/?$" => "/rss.php?topic=$1",

    "^/rss/tags/([^/]+)/?$" => "/rss.php?tag=$1",

    "^/rss/profile/([^/]+)/?$" => "/rss.php?profile=$1"


    Most of the functionality works, but it still seems to be breaking on some minor things (like adding a topic to your favorites while logged in).

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    Thanks for the feedback.

    I’m going to check out dealextreme in the future – I didn’t know they carried such a good selection of LED bulbs. Incidentally, the Cyron MR16 LED bulbs are 47% off now on Amazon.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)