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  • Hi Citizen Keith, that was the plugin that Ricardouk suggested, i’m afraid it doesn’t allow me to restrict messaging to just user <-> admin (don’t want users to be able to message each other)

    Has anybody successfully installed bbPress alongside BuddyPress who could help me?

    I agree with you Ryan.

    The trouble I am having is that BuddyPress and bbPress will each run happily individually, but when both are running together, the BuddyPress links do not work.

    Has anybody managed to get both of them working together?

    Is there something simple that I am missing?

    Hi Ricardo, in this example could I prevent user from contacting another user?

    Thanks, but that’s not quite right, I want users to be able to contact admins and vice versa.

    I think that if I set user quota to zero they would not be able to contact admins

    It looks like a nice simple solution thanks Ricardo, but from reading the comments on the FAQ page, there doesn’t seem to be any way of restricting conversation between user level. I need to be able to restrict messaging just from user <-> admin.

    Thanks Ricardo, but I was hoping for a solution that I could just ‘drop in’ and would be more fully featured.

    I’d like to prevent subscribers from being able to message each other, but they can send and receive messages to a higher level user.

    BuddyPress seems quite fully featured, it’s just frustrating that it seems to be clashing with bbPress.

    I’d be happy if I could just get those two playing with each other and then I can go from there..!

    Hi there, i’m going to have another try at getting bbPress and BuddyPress to work together with your help if possible.

    Is there a certain order that they should be installed in?

    Am I best asking for help on the BuddyPress forums rather than bbPress, or is this a fairly frequently asked question that I could get some help with here?



    Sorry, i’ve just seen that the bbPress forums can be disabled from the component setup page. This allows the forum links to work again but i’m still not able to get the BuddyPress links to work.

    Could I ask why we need to turn off the bbPress support – is it just designed for the standalone bbPress install?

    If I go to BuddyPress / Forums / Use an existing bbPress installation, it says:

    Existing bbPress Installation

    BuddyPress can make use of your existing bbPress install. Just provide the location of your bb-config.php file, and BuddyPress will do the rest.

    Do I just ignore this?

    How do I turn off the forums, do I have to do something additional to ignoring this setup page?



    I’ve installed BuddyPress and the BP Compatibility theme pack, it’s added the top menu to my site but none of the links work (redirect to homepage) and my bbPress links are affected in the same way.

    In the theme setup instructions, it had me

    1. create a new dir /wp-content/themes/bbp-twentyten/ and move the 6 template dirs there

    2. create a bb-config.php file and put it in the root

    Permalinks for other WP pages are still working fine.

    Have I run into a common problem? I’ve only worked on a few WP sites in the past and don’t really know the debugging process.

    The error I get is:

    Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function bb_load_plugin_textdomain() in /wh_b/……./WWW/wp-content/plugins/bbpm/bbpm.php on line 20

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)