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  • sorry

    it does now

    i changed theme and that solved the issues


    when a logged out or guest user goes to the post page

    the login box area gets mixed with the yellow post info box

    as soon as the suer logs in

    that problem is solved and the yellow area just moves down to make room for user info

    how can I make the same behavior for a guest user?

    again i like the design, clean and simple


    this is definitely a very nice theme

    I have a few questions:

    ***on the forum list

    it shows categories and subforums and its post count

    first remark: my post count on categories is always 0, as they are locked

    can they not show the 0, or even better show the sumtotal of all subforums?

    second: can I have it to show only categories and their sumtotals

    and when i click a category it expands to show the subforums

    ****Extra Lines

    one: just below the bbcrumb, same line as just above

    and color in between lightgrey same color as search box


    on the bottom, just above the footer text

    and color below lightgrey same color as search box


    can bbcrumb, when i click on forum show me a page with all categories listed, instead of front page

    just before the bbcrumb on same include a link to home

    so it would be like this

    home forum/category/subforum/topic/post


    the tag overview on the right is a simple list, could it be a cloud or multiple columns, it takes up a lot of space if somebody enters in a lot of tags

    greatly appreciate any help you can give me


    I have selected another theme terrafirmtwo by

    this one has a sidebar! (it actually ahs a sidebar.php file)

    but in the sidebar it only shows: Tags

    While I want to show:


    Forum List

    Search Box

    Hot Tags




    Search Box




    any help appreciated I can upload the sidebar.php file if needed

    In reply to: Plugins You Want !!!

    well I was actually adressing bb-lover

    as he autoassigned himself 5 tasks

    and since then no news…

    I have found the plugins, thanks ;-)

    (although not all parts of the site seem to work flawlessly)

    I guess I just figured out something important thanks to another question kevinjohngallagher answered. Kakumai does not have a sidebar!

    I did not realize, stupid me!

    Anyway, I guess I am then looking to add a sidebar with the functions above or find another nice and simple theme, like bborg?


    Either way

    If the theme from BBpress/Forums

    is available great that woudl give me 85% of what I need

    otherwise the code and an explanation where to stick it, I guess

    although I am not a coder


    In reply to: Plugins You Want !!!

    any update on this?

    any releases yet?

    and the same for the forum view

    side bar gives

    Search Box




    Again Thanks

    In reply to: dutch translation

    would you mind sharing the forum theme?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)