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  • garyditsch


    thanks, that actually makes sense. my question now is that both of my blogs have the “wp_” prefix. i think that saying “new” is misleading.

    both blogs are fairly established, so i’m not sure what would happen if i changed the wp_prefix? there are already 100’s of posts on that blog and while i’m trying to transfer the users from one blog to another, i’d rather not lose the posts/pages

    so.. i guess what i’m looking at is that the user tables are named the same thing b/c i just used the normal wp set up, but they sit on different databases. i’m wondering if just naming the user_table will work?



    actually i just integrated the forum to the old wordpress blog and it is back to normal. i guess i do want the old user table to be used for my new blog… can you point me in the direction of instructions on how to do that?

    what happens to the new blogs user table?

    So I deactivated the plugins. One at a time and retested and retested with both unplugged and it still wouldn’t post a new topic from the “home” page of the forum.

    This still only appears to be an issue of posting from the home page? Is it possible that the “add new topic” link on the home page is tied to a forum that doesn’t exist anymore?

    How does bbpress decide which forum to put a new topic into when it is started from the home page? Does it give you a drop down box to pick the forum?


    Well, I did test bbpress before I used the plugins and everything appeared to work. But I’m not sure if I tested that specific function?

    Would it be a good idea to remove the plugins and retest, then set up the plugins again?

    I’m trying to decide how big an issue this is?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)