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    Hey louisedade :) Not that I wanna bother you but its a week since I wrote my reply to your post.

    Are you still interested in helping out?

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    Thank you louisedade! I really appreciate this! :D

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    I have a strange request. Something on the lines thats similiar to the digg profile page. Is it possible that someone could help me accomplish the following:

    When the file gets uploaded it generates 2 images.

    1) The full version

    2) A smaller 25px25px mini version with the filename small_$user_identity.jpg

    I would be very grateful if someone can help me with this ^^

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    Awesome! I learnt something new ([^/]+) .. very cool.

    Ok the rewrite worked.

    Now just to figure out this repermalink…

    Any ideas guys? I’ll go look around myself in the meantime ^_^

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    can I get a reply on this please

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    I already edited the template-functions.php to

    $r = bb_get_option(‘uri’) . “../user/” . $user->$column . ( 1 < $page ? “/page/$page” : ” );

    } else {

    $r = bb_get_option(‘uri’) . “profile.php?id=$user->ID” . ( 1 < $page ? “&page=$page” : ” );


    I can access it from /user/username/ one level up (ie.root)

    So accessing the link isnt a problem. I just need it to be rewritten

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    Having duplicate sessions is actually stupid.. since I only need one. Deleted the session from the plugin.

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    “Of course this blocks admin too which is bad so”

    I have no reason to use the forums that I wish to restrict. Im only using them for titles sake :)

    Thanks for commenting

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    I fixed this problem :D

    the topic_views plugin was also sending out a session and did not have the @ symbol in place.

    All is fixed ^^

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    bleh.. cant write it like that with the <?php ?> inside the () .. how am I supposed to write it? my php skills isnt so good ;P

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    Solved 1 problem.

    <td><?php bb_forum_pad( ‘<div class=”nest”>“>’ ); ?><?php forum_name(); ?><small><?php forum_description(); ?></small><?php bb_forum_pad( ‘</div>“>’ ); ?></td>

    I put the href tags inside the () of bb_forum_pad ^^ That fixed the link issue.

    Now just need to figure out how to block links towards them.. I could do custom rewrite rules … mmmm ^^

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    Thanks for the lengthy response :)

    It is kind of strange that forum permissions was not their main priority when creating this package. I don’t want this to dampen how I feel about bbpress though. Since the private forums feature works it already fixes half of my problem.

    One easy workaround for now would be to manually close all your posted topics in a forum.

    I dont see how this would prevent users from creating new topics altogether. These parent forums are simply supposed to act as titles… i’ll see if I can find anything in the code to fix this.

    :D ^^

    Probably wont work but try making

    $bb->wp_home and $bb->wp_siteurl both “http://www.subventions.fr/wordpress&#8221;

    You kinda get used to it… im sure they’ll add it in later releases ^^

    infact.. when a user logs into wp-login.. I’d like to know whether I can set the redirect to any custom location without having to add the ?redirect_to=%2F after wp-login.php


    Found a plugin

    “Plugin Name: Force Login

    Description: No one can see your forums unless they are logged in.

    Plugin URI: https://bbpress.org/forums/topic/117

    Author: Michael D Adams

    Author URI: http://blogwaffe.com/

    Version: 0.8″

    It redirects the user to the templates /login.php.. its nice but I’d really like it to go to wp-login, but only if I can figure out why its constantly redirecting to the control panel and why it wont let me anywhere else >_> apart from the blog, ofcourse.

    Actually… that wasnt such an elegant solution @_@ If logged in it redirects me to the control panel.. and when I access bbpress directly it still redirects :/ Maybe its because I dont have an ifelse going on.. not sure.

    Out of curiosities sake.. isnt there a way I can disable the wordpress control panel for subscribers and have them redirect to the bbpress profile page? That would be awesome…


    Hey man.. thanks for your reply. And yes I’ve went extensively through all the hacks. (By the way you made some wicked ones… without your contributions bbpress wouldnt be so awesome)

    Vbulletin might have been around for a very long time but its so generic it makes my head hurt. Every vbulletin site you come across looks the same and its pretty hard to customize. Sure you can edit the templates quite heavily but it still heavily depends on tables and executes one massive css file.. even though most of their style attributes is stuck on tables @_@ Sure bbpress uses tables but definitely in a more elegant way.. (frankly I wouldnt want any tables on my page to start with.. will make a theme later thats css only)

    I like the idea of having a very small bare bone forum install that can be extended from there.. I’m sure in no time the plugins will be in the core where its just a matter of switching it on in the admin panel. Either way, the plugins are pretty easy to install anyway.

    As for my problem.. I made a relatively elegant fix! :)

    add this at the top of your header.php

    <?php if ( !bb_is_user_logged_in() ) { ?>





    <?php } ?>

    Got my site almost sorted now.. just need to find a way to make a tickbox in “post-form.php” that sets the thread to go to favourites :)

    As well as perhaps a tickbox next to the comment button ;)

    now is how I can get BBpress to use wp-login

    Oops. I might confuse people with this line.. what I mean that is that if people dont have enough permissions with the registered only plugin that they can redirected to

    /wp-login ^^

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