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    hey, i found this link: http://timjoh.com/list-of-bbpress-template-functions/ yesterday – which has a list of all the template functions (up to 0.8.1).

    i was going to use that as a reference until bbpulp had more info –

    but now i see that the wiki has already begun to fill out..

    i guess i’m still a little confused by all the terminology, perhaps someone could help me by distiguishing between the following terms:

    – template functions

    – pluggable functions

    – plugin functions

    – filters (defined earlier)

    – hooks / actions (defined earlier)

    maybe all this could be included on the wiki too?

    anyway, the list of template functions might help since i see that no link has been created yet for it under the heading: “Theming documentation” on bbpulp.

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    cool. it will be. thanks again for the help. i’ll be watching the (unofficial) wiki!

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    oops, i peeked..

    i found the function disableRegistration() in the LDAP plugin but i still hadn’t identified which part was doing what. anyways, it looks like bb_init is the hook that i was looking for! right on. oh, and do you mind if i end up using it as the starting point for writing my own plugin? i was hoping to eventually get it to work within my templates and easily customize the text that’s being displayed, etc. But, don’t tell me how to do that, i need the practice! besides, i’ll be around with more questions soon enough i’m sure..

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    right, i started by downloading the restrict registration plugin and trying to figure it out from there..

    i’ll take a look at the LDAP one too. thanks!

    also, it occured to me that there might be an option in the config.php for this but i double checked and there wasn’t. oh, well..

    i’ll see if i can figure it out.

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    hey cool.

    i was just looking for something like this and you just created it minutes ago!

    i guess i’m too early.. not much there yet obviously.

    in the meantime, anyone out there know the filter/action that would allow me to disable the bbpress registration page entirely ( ie: registration.php ) ?

    i’d love to do this via a plugin rather that hack the core bbpress files or delete/move the file altogether.

    it would be like a “registration is temporarily disabled” plugin.

    optionally, to be able to change the appearance/text on the registration page would be my next challenge. but one thing at a time.

    by the way, good work everyone!


    i’m having the same problem with my WordPress and bbPress integrated install – (href tags getting stripped and extra slashes getting added)

    See here: https://bbpress.org/forums/topic/641 and here: https://bbpress.org/forums/topic/670

    I’m running:

    WordPress 2.1.3

    bbPress 1.0-alpha

    The 2 fixes worked for me but rather than editing the bb-includes/default-filters.php file.. i put the temporary fixes in a quick bbPress Plugin so that i don’t end up forgetting about the modifications after an upgrade and can now easily deactivate the plugin should this issue get permenantly resolved.

    I put the plugin up online. If you’re interested, you can download it here: http://indyish.googlepages.com/fix-href-slashes.php

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)