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  • Ah – so ridiculously easy! I’m liking BBpress more and more ;).

    I just requested code_trick to become pluggable too – hopefully that’ll happen, and soon, so I can just use a plugin and not hack at core files.

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    There is a plugin to allow the img tag, but you’d need to edit it and add a statement in saying “if admin then allowed_tags = …, else allowed_tags = …”. I’m not sure how easy that would be – anyone else have any clues?

    I’d suggest editing the template in bb-templates and adding it in manually, if you really, really want a banner ad.

    Get bbpress + mathML.

    This is really just a quick knockup – perhaps MathML support would be best in plugin form? I really didn’t do all that much, but I’m not familiar with the BBpress plugin system at all so I’m not sure how easy (if possible), it would be.

    Oh yeah – you can have a play at http://www.thetelegraphic.com/bbpress/bbpress/

    That’s really just a sandbox for now and won’t be there forever.

    I’ll be releasing the black template it’s using too – It’s just Kakumei with a different colour scheme.

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    I’ve found a way around this finally, and will be posting up a ‘math-pack’ version of BBpress. I did have to edit /bb-includes/formattingfunctions.php (2 lines – commented out a regular expression).

    Basically, the way I came up with was using ASCIIMath.js to replace stuff in backticks. I’ll get a zip up when I have the time (actually hacing to do the maths uses up most of my time)

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    Cheers mirfan – your fix worked a treat! (I’ve got an XP install using WAMP as a server – just for testing stuff atm).

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)