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  • Moved the bbpress directory to verify it wasn’t a possible collision between the old “forums” page and the “forums” sub directory. Does not appear to be the issue (in other words same symptoms).

    Also verified no errors in my server error log (get undefined get_header() errors if i remove the require(blah/wp-load.php))

    Having similar issues…


    1) Blank forum page if i navigate to

    2) Forum loads if i

    3) Blank page if i follow any of the forum title links

    I did however have a wordpress page called “forums” at one point (since deleted) which would have also resolved to this location…possible issue?

    I am using bb-config to load wp-load.php on startup per the suggestions (seems to work as indicated by direct navigation to index.php).

    I am using the wp functions to load header and footer info (this also works as i get my wp site blog wrapped properly around my otherwise plain bbpress install if i navigate directly to index.php)

    Any suggestions or thoughts?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)