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    Hey guys. One of the projects I work on has a bbpress forum that is very popular. I am talking recent daily traffic of over 160K page views.

    When the traffic gets that crazy requests from bbPress start stacking up until all the memory is exhausted then mySQL shuts down.

    Initially, we had the site on a RackSpace ‘cloud sites’ hosting account but it could not support it. The forum/site continually crashed during peak traffic.

    Recently we moved the site to VPS.net. With access to the my.cnf we were able to keep the site going but it required us dedicating 3 CPUs and 3 gigs of memory and even at that we maxed out and ssw slow downs.

    I am not much of a programmer or mySQL guy so my question to you is this… would you be interested in looking at our log files or anything to see what the root cause of this is and to maybe enhance, modify, whatever… offending code? db queries?

    I am looking forward to moving over the bbPress plugin but I am a little apprehensive that it might perform worse during these peak traffic times which we cannot afford.

    Perhaps your poking around and doing an analysis could help us both out. Thanks!

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)