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    Hello, I was directed to this topic by mdawaffe [via and am having a bit of difficulty implementing this.

    On my site, I’m not using a subdomain, instead I have bbPress located in a seperate folder from my WordPress installations ( localhost/wordpress and localhost/bbpress). I modified the code somewhat and it the problem hasn’t subsided.

    Here’s my modified code in bbPress’s config.php:

    // Cookies, bbPress fix

    $bb->cookiedomain = 'localhost';

    $bb->cookiepath = '/';


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    Nope, my layout is as follows:




    All three share the same database, with the prefixes wp1_, wp2_, and bb_. I have the second WordPress (wp2_) hacked up a bit so it uses wp1_users and wp1_usermeta, enabling me to have a Gawker Media style Blog Network (multiple blogs, single logins). I was hoping to share that wp1_ table with bbPress, and it appears to have done so, just didn’t let me log in.

    Also, I don’t get an error message, I just get directed back to the homepage as if I had done nothing.

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    I have two WordPress blogs (2.0.5) sharing a user database and attempted to get bbPress to share that user db as well. It installed successfully, but I can’t log in either!

    I know it’s pulling the info though from my User Database, because the username in the sample post is linked to the same site I’ve set in WordPress. I checked my config.php values, and I know the syntax is correct based on the comments in config.php and the comments above, so I’m a bit confused.

    I should note that I’m attempting this on a local test server, so all my config.php values are “localhost” values (such as $bb->domain = 'http://localhost';), I don’t know if this would throw things off at all.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)