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    Use one or the other for registration if you go to my site you can see how I have it setup, I prefer bbpress to Handel the registrations.

    Works perfect for me, if you need some help let me know.

    This only works if you install wordpress in a “root” folder and it has to be a clean install, cookies will not push to subfolders, and if you already have wordpress installed in a subfolder of a current website forget it.

    As of release 2.7 it only uses one cookie hens even if you do get this loaded when you return to wordpress or your forums you will have to refresh the page for the login to even show.

    Great video but really not any good for anyone that already has wordpress installed on a current website it has to be a fresh install in the root of the website.

    Plus I believe this modification has been abandon as there has not been a post from the author for over 3 weeks.



    Got everything to Integrate with no errors and everything seem to of went fine.

    When someone registers, the username and password is good in both the forum and wordpress.

    But is the integration supposed to work for login and logout, I mean if a person logs into WordPress are they supposed to be logged into bbpress at the same time.

    If they are it seems to not be working for me, I can log into the forums and still have to log into WordPress same thing logging out am I missing something.

    I know it was a clean and no error install and followed the tutorial completely.

    Thanks for all your hard work man.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)