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  • ardentfrost, I dont know what happened but all PM’s that went out yesterday have seemed to vanish without a trace??? They were in the data base cuz I checked and seen them there. Today they are gone. I am wondering if the table was copied over after I had manualy installed the table, with your call function in bb-privatemessages.php. Maybe I did not give it enough time to do it on it’s own. I will see what happens today.

    I had problems too. The table was not created. I had to do it manualy. I have all of the latest updates for both WP and bbPress so I dont know what went wrong. To fix the data base issue go to you myphp admin (data base) and give the following command.

    CREATE TABLE bb_privatemessages (


    id_sender INT( 11 ) NOT NULL ,

    id_receiver INT( 11 ) NOT NULL ,

    seen INT( 2 ) NOT NULL ,

    pmtitle VARCHAR( 64 ) NOT NULL ,

    message VARCHAR( 255 ) NOT NULL ,

    created_on DATETIME NOT NULL ,

    PRIMARY KEY ( pm_id )

    ) TYPE = MYISAM ;

    This solved my problems for now.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)