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  • Hi Voodoo,

    Point taken. I’ve been a bit harsh on the Dev guys which I shouldn’t have been. The system obviously does work fine as plenty of people use it. I’m just not very technically minded.

    Good luck with the project, I’m sure it will be a success.

    “After I installed it the first time it took me a couple of hours to find my forums page.” – good that you persevered and got it working Patrick.

    Suspect that for every user that manages finally to find the solution, have half a dozen that just think – Sod it, doesn’t work, waste of time, delete.

    Maybe it’s some kind of elitist coder thing? If you can’t fill in the missing technical details you can’t join the club?

    I’ve gone over to SMF, Simple Machines Forum purely because they do indeed have clear documentation and installation instructions. I have confidence in the team behind the script because they are thinking of the end user and not just the code. I suggest that if you want this excellent addition to wordpres to be the roaring success it deserves to be, you do the same.

    Good luck with the project.

    Ah – awesome. Thanks Andre, really appreciate it.

    Hopefully they’ll add that link into the bottom of the instructions so it reads:

    == Installation ==

    1. Place the ‘bbpress’ folder in your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.

    2. Activate bbPress.

    3. Visit ‘Settings > Forums’ and adjust your configuration.

    4. Create some forums.

    5. View your site.

    6. Adjust the CSS of your theme as needed, to make everything pretty.

    7. Create a page and add one or more of these short codes into it to display your forum:

    All the best.


    Hi Again,

    Ahh thanks tgiokdi, getting closer to knowing how to get this working.

    So you install it.

    Then you make a wordpress page.

    Then you add a shortcode tag to that page.

    I’m guessing you add it into the HTML view of the page or a post and it would look something like:


    Where the name of the forum is ‘testforum’.

    I haven’t tried this but maybe its a step in the right direction. Can anyone tell me what the tag looks like to get the forum to show up… or is it a secret ;)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)