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  • Looks great. What versions WP and BB are you using. If the most recent of each, how did you get the cookies to integrate? Right now, I and most other people it seems, can’t get it all working correctly. Logging in on one side results in only partial access and functionality in the other, it seems.

    I was thinking this might have something to do with the fact that when I log in through the WP admin, I do not have access to the bbpress admin interface (though I show up as logged in as admin there, and can do admin functions that are on the forum pages etc). I need to login through bbpress to be able to access the bbpress admin. But this DOES allow me access to the WP admin too (as it should).

    In addition to the info in the previous post, I’ve looked at the cookies themselves.

    I see that when I log in through bbpress, the cookies are from When I log in through wordpress, it’s just (no www prefix). Under the configuration for both sites, is set as the main page. I also see that wordpress puts four cookies, while bbpress puts six. They both put wordpress_test_cookie and wordpress_logged_in_xxxxxxxxxxxx

    but wordpress puts just two other ones, named wordpress_xxxxxxxxxxxxxx with the paths

    /wp-content/plugins and /wp-admin

    While bbpress also includes the bb-press directories. Is this why a login through wordpress does not get me access to the bbpress admin?

    I’m having some trouble and am smacking my head against the wall… I hope someone can help me.

    I’ve got WordPress 2.6.2 installed at

    and bbPress 1.0 alpha at

    They are in two databases sharing the user tables.

    My problem is that the user must Log OUT from the site that he/she logged IN from. If they logged in at the bbPress login form, then they will be logged in properly on the wordpress site, but if they try to logout there, they will get kicked back to the main page, but STILL BE LOGGED IN. They will only be able to properly log out from bbPress. And the same is true in reverse — if they login from wordpress, they will be logged to the bbPress too, but they will have to log out from wordpress.

    A second, less severe problem, but maybe it will help point to the reason for the above problem, is that if i sign in on wordpress, I will not be able to access the admin panel on the bbpress. I will be logged in as admin, and can perform admin functions on the site, but I cannot go to /bb-admin — I get kicked back out. However, if I sign in on bbPress, I CAN access my wordpress admin section.

    Any ideas? My wp-config and bb-config files have the definitions for SECRET_KEY, AUTH_KEY, SECURE_AUTH_KEY, LOGGED_IN_KEY (with BB_ prefixed for the bb-config ones).

    They also both have

    define('COOKIE_DOMAIN', '');

    define('COOKIEPATH', '/');

    Is this correct? It should be the same for both?

    One thing that might be the root of the problem, or at least I was not sure about, is the setting for “WordPress “secure auth” cookie salt ” in the WordPress integration settings in bbPress. I have left this blank because I have no such entry on my options.php page in WordPress. I did fill in the other two “salt” items, though. I confess that I don’t really understand what this salt stuff is for, but any advice would be appreciated.

    I’m on 1&1 hosting, if that makes any difference.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)