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  • thanks sam. i’m able now to change user roles in bbpress which is great.

    had to manually change user roles in wordpress from “none” to actual roles but everything else seems to be going smoothly.

    changing a user’s role in bbpress doesn’t seem to effect the wordpress roles nor vise versa, (though i’m not sure this is expected yet).

    also had to define the BB_NONCE_KEY to make logout work correctly (logged in via bbpress, logout via wordpress) and once it was defined it worked as expected.

    either way, this is a great start. thanks again.

    very helpful screencast. thanks!

    i’m having the same problem as maxwellfir with user roles not being assigned correctly and the error when trying to assign them.

    for existing users (from wordpress) i get the error mentioned above when trying to edit that user’s role in bbpress.

    for new users (signed up via bbpress) their role in wordpress is set to “none” and therefore can’t login to wordpress.

    not sure if the second issue has anything to do with having registration disabled in wordpress.

    thanks for any additional help with this.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)