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  • I’m still having trouble…tinymce seems to break up my template, doesn’t show pics in the post content untill I save and preview the post (not all images though…) and tag management keeps giving me errors. Everything seems to go away when I disable the plugin.

    I must say it’s getting quite difficult to get this forum to work as I’d like…must say if I can’t find a solution I might go back to my old smf forum…but I’d love to keep to bbpress.

    I can’t find help on other tinymce forums either…

    :( :( :(

    Ok the problem seems to be the HTML purifier plugin that inserts those linebreaks which is a pity for it does a good job of cleaning up the code.

    I have disabled it for now unitll I’ll find a solution, if anyoe can shed some light it would be great!

    I’m having a problem with bbpress 1.01 and tinyMCE, when I post an image I find a ‘br’ (linebreak) inside the image’s ‘alt’ value. Same thing with a link…I find a ‘br’ inside the ‘href’ value..

    Anyone experiencing the same problem?

    In reply to: When bbpress 1.0.3?

    I really hope bbpress will thrive from this transition! Go Bbpress! ;)


    Thankyou VERY much for your help and the clarity with which you explained yourself.

    I kinda had managed to make images work with tinyMCE alone (tinyMCE3.7.2, bb-press1.01) and have only used your tip on the ‘functions.bb-formatting.php’ that I’m not too sure is working.

    When I insert images and then render the page there is a ‘ “image26.jpg” />’ after the image itself, looking at the source code I see a linebreak (br) inside the value of the ‘alt’ attribute that breaks the code.

    Same thing happens on links: a linebreak ‘br’ at the beginning of the ‘href’ value.

    Anyone having/had the same problem?

    Should the HTML purifier be used alongside the tinyMCE plugin? How can you set up the advanced mode?

    I thought it should be a parameter of the tinyMCE.init funtion..

    Have you guys found a solution?

    I really hope I find a way of making linking images from an external source that didn’t involve having to inserting the code by hand..

    Thanks in advanced for any help or advice!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)