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    ok – i’m the keymaster. the username is for example AndyBB.

    if i put the var’s to the right thing:

    $bb->wp_table_prefix = ‘wp_’;

    $bb->wp_home = ‘’; //

    $bb->wp_siteurl = ‘’; //

    i use the folowing plugin in wp:

    bbPress Integration 0.74 -> Michael Adams.

    Synchronizes registrations on your bbPress installation with your WordPress blog

    in bb:

    WordPress Integration 0.7 -> Tightly integrates user accounts between WordPress and bbPress

    if i now login into wp, i can use my forum with the same username as i login and this user stands in wp userdatabase NOT in bbpress users.

    if i log out, use AndyBB + password – can’t login !!!

    if i delete the var’s in config.php, i can login! i see the little admin link.

    so – i make a misstake. but i don’t know what it’s wrong.

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    so – tested a lot.

    my blog has now an error:

    WordPress database error: [Table ‘summerdb.wp_post2cat’ doesn’t exist]

    SELECT p2c.category_id AS cat_id, COUNT(p2c.rel_id) AS numposts, UNIX_TIMESTAMP(max(posts.post_date_gmt)) + ‘1’ AS last_post_date, UNIX_TIMESTAMP(max(posts.post_date_gmt)) AS last_post_date_gmt FROM wp_post2cat p2c INNER JOIN wp_posts posts ON WHERE 1 = 1 AND posts.post_type = ‘post’ AND posts.post_status = ‘publish’ AND posts.post_date_gmt <= ‘2007-11-18 15:26:18’ GROUP BY p2c.category_id ORDER BY numposts DESC

    if i try to login in bb-admin like:

    i was redirectet to

    i can login with all my users from wordpress into bbpress.

    i have all things done that was sayed in zhe docu and in this forum.

    in my config.php under bbpress and in the wp-config.php.

    but it doesn’t work very well and i don’t know how to figure out what i do wrong.

    anyone has a tip or a little workaround?



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    sorry – i don’t know why you does not received an email.

    my problem is: i can’t login into the bb-admin site.

    my name is admin like … but the login isn’t working. so i can’t administrate my forum.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)