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  • Thanks Ann, so far so good… problems on that end.

    Got the problem…..when copying the secret from the options.php in wordpress to enter into the WP INtegration in BBpress, on submit bbpress (or something) was stripping the final character off the secret string. I checked this twice to make sure it was happening, and then edited the record by just pasting in the “).” Voilla. Ann’s cookie worked!

    CK I installed the plugin with the salt keys, etc……and there is evidentally a little progess as the cookies do not conflict as before, but the integration hasn’t worked either. Not sure what the issue is but in the docs there are not a precise definition of the secret key. Is the database secret key that you refer to the key I have defined in the config, php that holds the database name, password, etc…..or is that the “secret,” randomly derived string that is listed through options.php as “secret”? Also, since I am using .9, where exactly are the bbpress integration settings in wp……there was a new-plugin, but that was for 1. alpha, right…..not for .9?

    Excuse me because I am new to this, but does it make sense for me to upgrade to the alpha version, is that easier to integrate? Or do I want to go the other direction and downgrade the wp cookies.

    Thanks in advance>>


    So far I am failing on this. I am going to try the plug-in that xurizaemom has suggested… integration is failing and I have tried the suggested method running WP 2.7 and the latest bbpress .

    There is definitely some conflict between the cookies as if I login as admin on wp, then go to bb, clicking on the admin link fails and I am redirected to the front page instead of admin area. Logged out of WP, and logging into BBPress as admin, the link works properly and the admin panel opens…

    The wordpress is in the the root directory and bbpress in its own directory in the root.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)