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  • Have you tried changing the char encoding of your browser to see if one of them allows you to see the page correctly?

    Ok I’ve been looking at rss.php code but I’m unfamiliar with it, and while I was hoping to find a nice clean SQL Query line, there isn’t any and I don’t know where to look. But, in case someone know where to find it, it should be a line like this:

    sql0=”SELECT * FROM bb_topics ORDER BY topic_time DESC limit 0,35″;

    now let’s say our first forum is restricted and the fifth forum is private . The way to severe them from the feed would be to change the query to:

    sql0=”SELECT * FROM bb_topics where forum_id not in (5, 1) ORDER BY topic_time DESC limit 0,35″;

    of course, the nice, clean way to do this would be to use the bb_press API to store the restricted or private forums id and then restrict the query internally, but I don’t know how to do this. I’m new to WP and BB altogether.

    Ok I figured out the problem.

    I saw you explaining that the “submit” button must be pressed twice to visualize the autorized users on the restricted forum.

    The problem is that the second time you press submit, a blank text field is sent via bb_update_option, thus rendering the forum unrestricted.

    If you press submit just once everything runs smoothly.

    And BTW, thank you very much for this excellent plugin, I needed a staff only forum *badly*

    Solved. I made an .htaccess with this line only:

    AddDefaultCharset utf-8

    and that was it. *grin*

    well I don’t think it’s a collation problem. The tecnosquad blog whose charset it’s UTF-8, it’s collated in latin1.

    I couldn’t make version 1.2 work. I write the names of the allowed users to a specific forum, press submit twice to see what I actually wrote, but if I exit admin menu and enter again, the names aren’t displayed, so I guess it doesn’t store them.

    Looking at the code I believe that the problem is that the table which should store the restrictions isn’t properly created. Which one should be the “forum_restriction_db” ?

    Also, I saw a branch of version 1.3, are you planning to release it soon?

    It happens in FF 2, IE7 and Opera 9, haven’t tried another.

    Nice guess chrishajer, it gave me a blink of hope but I tried changing the doctype with no results.

    thanks anyway.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)