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WP Header integration (HOW TO GUIDE)

  • bingsterloot


    Hi all

    I have been looking for the solution, but only found small hints here and there with no real complete guide on how to do it, so i have made a small one that should explain it in a simple way.

    (THIS IS BASED ON WP 2.8.6 AND BBPRESS 1.0.2 WITH WP INTEGRATION VIA BBPRESS ADMIN.) If you have older versions installed, i recommend to read this exelent post by ck:

    step one: Add this string to your bb-config file in your bbpress folder:

    require_once(‘/home/ your username/public_html/your wordpress folder/wp-blog-header.php’);

    NOTE: The path might be different from host to host, but this is what my path looks like……you get the idea ;O)

    step two:

    Go to your WP template folder, and open up the file: header.php from your chosen template.

    Copy over the content you want after the <BODY> tag, and copy it into your BBpress header.php template file after the <BODY> tag.

    What i did here was to take a backup of the original BBpress header.php file, so i could paste in the things i needed from this file to the new one i just

    created with the WP header content.

    step 3 your css files

    My approach to this was of course to take backup of both WP css and BB css files first. I used the BBpress css file as my main css file. I then took the css strings from the WP css file i needed, and simply copied them into my BBpress css file. In my case i needed the header and navigation strings.

    NOTE: You might also need to copy the WP css body string, if your BB css Body string has different font measures. Some use EM´s and some use %. This will affect how your fonts react.

    And that´s it folks. I hope you understand this, and if other people has something to add to this plz. do so we all can learn.


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