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  • Fernandot


    That RSS you demand is integrated in bbPress. In your browser navigation bar, if you click to the RSS icon it shows you the list with the two RSS feeds availables. One is for latest topics and other one is for latest messages in all topics. If you see my forum ( ) I’ve added two links to both in the sidebar (redirected to feedburner as you can see). ;)

    That only works for FireFox, fernandot :)

    Basically the urls are (assuming your bbpress is in a folder called ‘forums’ and you’re using pretty permalinks) – All posts – All topics

    Thank you,

    You ever wake up in the morning, and say WTF (What the Fudge) was I talking about??? Sorry, I must have been extra sleepy to ask such a dumb question. But, thanks for reminding me…



    Ipstemu, I’ve checked it in Safari too and they worked fine (in Mac, by the way)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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