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new-user registrations – bbPress on Multisite

  • jeffacubed


    I’m having what I ‘hope’ to be a major over-site as far as how bbPress new user registration functions on a WP multisite environment. I’m using bbPress 2.5.3 & WP 3.9.1 with three sub (directory) sub-sites: (site1 or the root)

    I have ‘site2′ & ‘site3′ setup & working 100% with two separate, distinct bbPress forums: site2 = english, while site3 = french. Now the user registration ISSUE:

    When new users try to sign-up for either site2 or site3, say using [bbp-register] the bbPress registration process sends then automatically to the ‘root’ site (site1) at – which is very problematic as uses a different theme & content-wise a completely different site than site2 or site3

    I’m not stranger to digging into the php &/or template files – but I’m a bit confused around:

    1. If I’m missing something that’s entirely obvious that immediately resolves the new user registration issue w/ bbPress on multisite

    2. If not ’1′ – what might be the ‘code-path’ of least resistance to resolve this specific issue

    Any input/ideas/suggestions would be fantastic,


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