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good work

  • josh16


    Hello, I haven’t kept up with bbPress lately but out of curiosity I came back to see how it was going. So I ran a test site with the latest 3.5.1 version of WordPress and subsequently added bbPress via the plugins page.

    I must say that you guys have done well. I was sure that this software was going to end but it looks like you finally gave bbPress a permanent niche in the dev world. I loved the older versions of it as well, when the forum software had it’s own site and database. I would often toy with WordPress themes and customize bbPress to match them. But this was, by far, the easiest installation of bbPress I ever ran. It seems more common sense to use it as a plugin with WordPress since it so many people use them together.

    Anyways, I knew from the overhaul of this website that the dev team hadn’t given up. I give you guys props for keeping it alive! Now all that’s left to do is keep up with rivals (ahem, Vanilla).

    Keep up the good work!

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