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Edit topic reply, changes post order

  • eduardosilva



    I noticed that when someone (normally the admin), edits a post, the post goes to the wrong position on the topic:

    - Post 1
    - Post 2
    - Post 3
    - Post 4

    If I edit the Post 2, next time I open the topic the order will be:
    - Post 1
    - Post 3
    - Post 4
    - Post 2

    Is this a feature or a bug?
    If it’s a feature, is there any way to disable it?


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  • jimaroonie


    Just to add to this thread as I’ve been experiencing the same sort of issues with edited replies appearing at the bottom of the thread and some other anomalies regarding posts being given strange “Reply to” post numbers (too inconsistent to reproduce).

    All resolved for me by turning off the “Reply Threading” setting in Forums Settings. This also reactivated the paginating which hadn’t been working with this setting active.

    Not running anything unusual although someone mentioned php version which I know not to be the latest on our server. Details below:

    PHP Version: 5.2.5
    Wordpress Version: 3.8.1
    Active Theme: Twenty Fourteen 1.0

    bbPress 2.5.3 (active)
    BuddyPress 1.9.2 (active)
    Disqus Comment System 2.74 (active)
    Fourteen Colors 1.0.1 (active)
    Jetpack by 2.8 (active)
    Unconfirmed 1.2.3 (active)
    WP Approve User 2.3 (active)

    Stephen Edgar


    @dzpoa Are you using this with threaded replies enabled on your site?

    function custom_bbp_has_replies() {
        $args['orderby'] = 'ID';
        $args['order'] = 'ASC';
        return $args;
    add_filter('bbp_before_has_replies_parse_args', 'custom_bbp_has_replies' );



    @netweb No, i’m not using threaded replies. and “Forum root should show” is set to “Topics by Freshness”. It looks to me now that those settings fixed the issue, not the code :(



    So if I’m understanding correctly, the current work-arounds for this long-persisting bug are

    Disable threaded replies in bbpress


    Edit replies by going into the WP back-end, instead of editing via the convenient front-end interface

    I’m baffled that this bug has persisted for so long.



    We are also having the same issue with the replies. They are not in order.

    George Stephanis


    Just confirmed that deactivating threaded replies via Settings → Forums fixes the issue.

    George Stephanis


    @johnjamesjacoby — ping me on Skype if you’d like access to a gimmicked site to putter around with, It’s on DreamHost so I can get you SSH and WP-CLI to tinker with.



    I think I have the same issue here. Strange that the topics is not sorted by #ID ?

    Topic 1 last 3 replies:
    2014-04-01 kl. 21:17 #395
    2014-04-02 kl. 18:40 #445
    2014-04-01 kl. 22:31 #402

    Topic 2 last 3 replies:
    2014-04-01 kl. 13:32 #389
    2014-04-02 kl. 18:22 #443
    2014-04-01 kl. 22:43 #404

    WordPress Versions eg. 3.8.1
    bbPress Version eg. 2.5.3
    Operating System eg. Linux (Debian)
    Web Server eg. Apache
    Theme eg. Techism
    PHP Version eg. 5.3.28

    I can confirm that George Stephanis sollution to deactivating threaded replies in settings solved the problem.



    I can confirm that I have the same issue as well. If the threaded replies is enabled, I have posts that display out of date order. If I turn off threaded replies, then they display in the correct order. Has the bbPress team confirmed that this is a known bug they are working to solve?

    Why hello there… I can now reproduce the issue :)

    I have the cause of the issue identified and a patch 100% complete that prevents this from occurring in the future. :)

    The cause is one of our repair tools “Count replies in each forum” :(

    Immediate Workaround: Run the “Count replies in each topic” repair tool and DO NOT run the “Count replies in each forum” repair tool, it deletes data needed to calculate new replies displayed order.
    NOTE: This will only prevent the issue from re-occurring, it will NOT fix existing replies affected.

    We still need to create a repair tool to update existing replies that are affected by this issue. I have a rough outline of the tool though it isn’t quite right yet as it is not picking up all the possible permutations and combinations of how replies can be ordered with or without ‘threaded replies’ enabled.

    It’s 1:15am here my local time and I’m beat thus I’m pulling the pin for the evening. ;)

    Thanks for your all of your patience along the way, sorry it wasn’t sooner but until we could reproduce the issue coming up with a fix is really hard ;)

    If you want further technical details you can look at ticket #2586 in trac.

    Once I’ve had some Zzzzz’s I’ll update this post.



    I can’t wait until next version of the plugin. Therefore I’ve changed something here for my need.
    The problem is same as Stephen’s explain, parent post gets reply id.

    And I’ve removed treated (sub) reply possibility from posts and added page_walk sub function into BBP_Walker_Reply class (bbpress/includes/common/classes.php).

    Those changes won’t allow sub replies but now my forum shows correct ordering :)

    Thanks a lot

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