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Buddypress + bbpress plugin – MEmbers PROFILES

  • HI

    I guess More an more people will use buddypress + bbpress plugin (rather than installing the bbpress included with buddypress) …

    What is the plan for integration in the near future ?

    My problem is, when you clic on a name FROM the Forums, you get the Profile page of this user related to his activity inside the forums … right (his favorites, his last posts, his subscriptions, etc ..)

    But when you clic on this same user name from another page of my blog, it goes to this user’s Profile related to buddypress ; showing his activity, his friends, and all buddypress custom fields that I created …

    This is confusing for users … don’t you think ? They expect to see the buddypress profile when they clic a name in the Forums …

    If I have to choose, I’d prefer showing the buddypress profile all the time.

    Hope it makes sense ?

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  • pimarts


    For now I made a redirection (with the redirection plugin) to send people visiting the bbpress profile to the buddypress profile.

    I hope to see some sort of integration in the future too (maybe through plugins?).


    I was not aware of this redirection plugin …

    I’ll give it a try …

    I noticed a different (but linked problem) in managing Members

    If I use the Mark as Spammer function in buddypress, as it is not linked with bbpress plugin, this Member is still allowed to post in the Forums !!

    This is a big issue for me as I have 10k members on my website, and hopefully most of them will join my forums soon … and unfortunately, some of them are real troublemakers that we need to control in some ways …

    I hope that bbpress plugin will get more advanced moderation tools very soon ! Any plans about this ?

    Thank you


    Regarding redirection plugin ;

    the URL, of course, is different for each user …

    Can the plugin handle this ?

    Ex. My URL for bbpress Member is :

    and same user in buddypress :




    Yes the plugin can handle that.

    I have this for example:

    Source URL:


    Target URL:


    Works great for me.


    I tried :




    I also tried without the /blog

    Not working for me,

    I’m not good with this kind of stuff !

    If you don’t mind, how would you “phrase the rule” with my URLS (previous post)

    Thanks in advance


    For those interested,

    My URLs were correct …

    I just forgot to tic the box at the end of the source URL text line

    THanks pimarts

    This is a great “temporary” solution !



    What redirection plugin did you use?



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