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bbpress and 2.1 alpha3

  • I know this might sound, or, be a stupid question, but.. it’s safe to install bbpress right along beside 2.1 alpha3 right? If so, great! If not, is there anything I should know ahead of time?

    I just upgraded my main blog to 2.1 alpha3 a few hours ago, and wouldn’t mind meshing the two together. So, lay it on me peoples! I’m ready.. =P


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  • Oh wait, slaps self.. I just noticed this: “We’ve only tested bbPress integration with the most recent stable release of WordPress, 2.0.5.”

    Alright, hmm.. maybe I’ll give it a shot then once.. maybe, I will have to cross the fingers though lol.. Wish me luck peoples!


    Seems to have installed just fine! I’ll run around and check for any errors and report back here.. I installed that right along with my 2.1 alpha3 test blog, click the link below to see it.. =) ;)


    UPDATE: I was just running around the forums, in the admin control panel, and all. And everything is working just fine! This is awesome!


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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