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bbPress 2: Close forums to new topics, but allow replies to existing topics

  • will_c


    I am wondering if there is a way with bbPress 2 to close forums to new topics, but allow users to reply to existing forum topics within that forum (or subforum). Ideally this would emulate the functionality of this bbPress standalone plugin:

    Currently, closing a forum restricts users’ ability to create topics and reply to existing topics (including topics in open subforums).

    I found someone else raising this issue in the WordPress forums, here, but wasn’t sure that it was the most appropriate place to ask the question.

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  • Hansaplastique


    +1 for me.

    I installed “bbPress Topics for Posts” (plugin link).
    I wanted to create one forum that collects comments on articles (this plugin does that very well – only downside is that comments made in the forum do not count as comments but are visible).

    Anyhow; I want users to be able to reply, but NOT create new topics.
    Right now it’s either no new topics and no new replies, OR new topics and new replies.

    Of course I could modify the forum.php and remove the for the specific forum. Is there an easier (more future proof) way?



    For some reason my code didn’t stick; I mean remove:




    It looks like there is a filter you might be able to use to create a plugin

    function bbp_get_topic_caps() {
    return apply_filters( 'bbp_get_topic_caps', array (
    'edit_posts'          => 'edit_topics',
    'edit_others_posts'   => 'edit_others_topics',
    'publish_posts'       => 'publish_topics',
    'read_private_posts'  => 'read_private_topics',
    'read_hidden_posts'   => 'read_hidden_topics',
    'delete_posts'        => 'delete_topics',
    'delete_others_posts' => 'delete_others_topics'
    ) );

    Mech Rat


    I always presumed ‘closed’ meant no new topics, but still allowed replies until this morning! I would love to have a workaround for this, as currently my members can’t enter my competition topics.

    Is playing with function bbp_get_topic_caps() the best way to go? I would be satisfied in replacing all ‘closed’ forums with the ability to still reply.

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