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bbp_use_wp_editor() always set to true regardless of page?

  • Hart


    I am running WP 3.6.1 with BBPress 2.4.1, BuddyPress 1.8.1, and WooThemes Canvas 5.4.0.

    I noticed some JQuery code in the header of the homepage (and every other page on the site) for changing the code button to display backticks and for processing a few keybinds. This code originated from bbpress\templates\default\bbpress-functions.php and, according to the if statement that encapsulates the code, should only fire if bbp_use_wp_editor() is true. This if statement seems to be working incorrectly since the code shows up on the header of every page.

    Now, this doesn’t cause issues for my site as far as I can see, but it does cause the site to run slightly slower because of the time it takes to load the code in the header. Anyone else have this issue?

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