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Add Text Above Forum on Main Page

  • hepdoll


    Hello! I have a rather simple change to make but I’m finding myself stuck. I need to add some text above the list of forums on the main forum page – just some basic intro text. I don’t think I can do this within the WP Editor but I can’t seem to identify which file I need to edit; can someone point me in the right direction?

    Here is the forum:

    The text will go above the Forums table.

    Thanks in advance! :-)

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  • Lynq


    Have you copied the bbPress compat theme files out of the plugin and into your WordPress theme?



    Hi Lynq,
    Thanks for your reply! I’m using a theme built for bbpress  (Bounce: so I think it comes already built into the theme.

    The theme author pointed me to this thread, which I’d found myself earlier and doesn’t seem to address the issue in my case because I don’t have a file front-page.php:

    I have asked the author to tell me what the equivalent to front-page.php is, or where I can go to find this file (I can’t find it in Appearance–>Editor or Plugins–>Editor–>bbpress) but if anyone else has ideas on how to accomplish this I’d really appreciate it because I’m not sure he really knows how to help me.

    Thanks :)




    Can you FTP into your wordpress site?

    Inside your theme folder do you see an extras folder? This contains my page-front-forums.php

    Good luck!



    I’m sorry for my delay in replying! I had to put this project aside briefly but now I’m back at it. I really appreciate your response – but, unfortunately, I don’t have that file or an extras folder.

    The theme author told me that it is in the bbpress folder, so I went to wp-content/plugins/bbpress and there are some files in there (bbpress.php, index.php) that may be the place to do it. I’m going to keep trying!

    Thanks again :)



    Did anyone help you out here?

    Have to say bbPress support is absolutely useless – It’s a pity.

    Perhaps someone could start an “unofficial” support forum where people actually do provide support other than:

    – Ignore the issue
    – Blame the issue on WordPress
    – Blame the issue on WordPress theme

    Hope someone can help with this simple request -How to insert a text (like adsense for example) above and below the forum page !!!



    I added text both above and below the forums archive list by editing the content-archive-forum.php file (after I copied it into a bbpress folder inside my theme directory).

    Either put it before the “bbpress-forums” div opens or after it closes (for before or after, respectively).



    I’ve read a lot of forums posts in bbPress and found them and the support from the community to be great.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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