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WP+BB integrated, theme integrating login issues..

  • On the localhost, I have the blog at => http://localhost/

    the forums at => http://localhost/forum/

    I’m trying to implement the blog’s theme around the forums, but, some how when clicking in the Username or Password fields on the forum, it redirects me to the http://localhost/

    I can’t even type a letter in there, just trying to put the cursor into it redirects me to the blog.. With Javascript disabled, it’s fine.. Is there any way to have the forum’s login classes, different from the WP one’s?

    I’d like to add the forum css styles to my main theme style sheet, but.. not really sure what’s the best way at changing login classes sigh. I know some CSS stuff yes, just when it comes to classing forms, and stuff.. I’m not too great..

    (I did for the most part, get the header, footer, sidebar from the blog’s main theme, around the forums.. :D It’s just some of the stuff is borking the login for the forums. The classes for the WP login stuff, is apparently doing it to the forums sigh.

    The input fields are not “inline”.. they are on top of one another.. and the login button on the blog, is pushed to the far right.. rather then directly under the login field form.. )

    Any suggestions, thoughts, fixes.. anything lol?


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  • Alright, I uploaded a copy of my actual Localhost now, to my domain name:

    You can see what I’m talking about there, well hopefully lol! =P Also, please keep in mind, things might be broke, still screwy.. just register if you can, only for testing purposes.. ;) :)

    Also, this isn’t even near done yet lmao. I got a lot of nice things in mind for this baby.. LoL! =P


    Nevermind, much props goes to boyevul on GoogleTalk! ;) ;D The login codes were placed in the theme’s header2.php file, directly after an “onclick” action, which was the culprit.

    So this:

    <div id=”header” onclick=”location.href='<?php bloginfo(‘url’); ?>';” style=”cursor: pointer;”>

    <h1><a href="<?php bb_option('uri'); ?>"><?php bb_option('name'); ?></a></h1>

    <?php login_form(); ?>

    <div id=”memlist”><a href="<?php bb_memberlist_link(); ?>">Member List</a></div>


    Was changed to this:

    <div id=”header”>

    <h1><a href="<?php bb_option('uri'); ?>"><?php bb_option('name'); ?></a></h1>

    <?php login_form(); ?>

    <div id=”memlist”><a href="<?php bb_memberlist_link(); ?>">Member List</a></div>


    And all was peachy! I didn’t however upload the latest files of bbPress to the online copy, and I didn’t upload the new changes I just made here either.. I will then .. ;) :D

    Either way, problem is solved!


    Ok, I just changed some stuff up again, so here’s what I got on my actual localhost (computer version) now.. whee!

    Please note: I didn’t upgrade it to .74 yet, but will be here soon.



    good thing – you know how to talk to yourself huh?? :)

    Hahaha.. I’m used to it… Usually I talk to the wall, but he’s on vacation, so..

    Dang! I just upgraded the “live” version of the bbPress (localhost copy) to .74, and that crappy IE6 display is still there!?!!?!?!? The forums are pushed all the way to the bottom.. Any thoughts people!?

    I could have sworn, I also applied the “fixes” in the blog’s theme CSS file too.. what the heck!?

    *EDITED- Must have something to do with the blog theme’s H2’s, #Main, and stuff.. I’ll keep tinkering with her on the normal localhost copy.. But, if someone has an idea in the meantime, please share them!


    OH!! I just viewed the source. I have my theme’s #maincontent divs around the forum’s themselves.. I’ll have to adjust that CSS stuff accordingly then..

    I guess all this Pepsi is helping, lmao!




    spencerp – i would be curious how you got bbpress into your active WordPress theme. i am working to do the same as you, but any help would be appreciated.


    “cre8tive.medea” (at) gmail dot com

    cre8tive, I’ll try and get up a downloadable zip archive of the theme soon. I’ve just been so busy lately sigh, that I haven’t had much time on the bbPress/WP side of things.. I’ll keep you posted though.. ;)


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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