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Upgrade gone awry

  • I recently upgraded to the latest bbPress version. I was using a plugin which integrated my users with Worpdress previously (and would like to continue to do so).

    Something went terribly wrong though on the upgrade. This version is now looking for users in the table bb_users, and it should be looking at the WordPress table. So now I cannot login even as admin because there’s nothing in the bb_users table! I’ve fine working in SQL, and I think all I need to do is add/modify some fields in the bb_users table.

    So here’s my question? How can I upgrade the status of a user to administrator in phpMyAdmin? After I login, I can activate the WordPress integration plugin an be all set.

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  • Ok I solved my own problem. Just had copies the values from wp-usermeta to bb-usermeta and now it works… sorta

    When you say “sorta”, what else is going on that we can try and get 100% for you! ?


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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