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Reverse the display of the messages

  • Instead of oldest to newest, can we have a button that shows the messages from newest to oldest? That way people who have been keeping up on a topic can see the latest messages first.


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  • What do you mean exactly? Topics have the most recent discussions in it first? Could you put in an example?


    Sure Trent,

    A normal conversation goes like

    Initial post

    reply 1

    reply 2

    reply 3

    and so on.

    How about a button or link that allows the discussion to be read like:

    and so on.

    reply 3

    reply 2

    reply 1

    initial post.

    Was that clear enough? Having massive carpal tunnel, I try to minimize scrolling as much as possible <s>.

    I see now….the first topic and then reverse the order of the replies. Off the top of my head that would seem like a difficult thing to do as each reply is given an reply ID based off the previous reply ID (sequential). Displaying the order would have to be done by hacking the core files for topic.php so that is changes from desending to acending in the mySQL query. I think it can be done though, just have to look at the core code I guess.


    look for these lines (20-23) in topic.php

    if ( !$bb_db_override ) :
    $posts = get_thread( $topic_id, $page );
    $forum = get_forum ( $topic->forum_id );

    change to

    if ( !$bb_db_override ) :
    $posts = get_thread( $topic_id, $page, 1 );
    $forum = get_forum ( $topic->forum_id );

    get_thread function changed

    Excellent Pravin! Thanks!


    Works perfectly Pravin, any chance I could get you to add the conditionals to the code snippet?

    I would like anywhere the topic list is displayed, a small arrow or link next to the topic_id (or just a link) to click this and the current sort order would be changed. So if it is a normal, chronological display and the link is clicked, for it to display in reverse chronological display.

    Or is this something that is too complicated?



    Did this ever get solved? I am participating in a group where this topic has come up. The moderators don’t want to make a global change, they are looking to allow only user-controlled message chronology.

    I have only found this thread in searches.




    Pravin seems to have a solution. The moderators would have to add a section to the profile and then conditionally change the code to Pravin’s if that’s what the user set. If Pravin has the solution, everything else is trivial (in complexity), but it will mean some coding and modification of core files for someone.

    I have a similar situation where forum members have asked to have an option as to which way the posts are sorted. If reversed, my recommendation would be to keep the initial post as the first in the sequence, followed by the most recent posts (in reverse order). Again, I’ve been looking for a plug-in that will provide this as an option, not a default.

    Thanks in advance!

    Too keep this subject fresh…. I echo the request for such functionality. A “reverse order” link would be HOTT.

    I’m working on a patch and a plugin to allow this functionality. Will post here when I’m done.



    John, I’m a newbie and am not clear on how to read the ticket. Will this work with bbpress 1.02?

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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