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Restircted topic only accesible by 1 user

  • youngmoneychina



    Im looking for a way to make a topic or forum only accessible to one user plus admin.

    Im happy to pay for work on this if someone is available?

    I have tried various plugins but none seem to offer this.

    I need something like the following:

    Admin creates topic called “john private” and “paul private

    Admin logs in and can see and post in “john private” along with “paul private”

    John logs in and can see and post in “john private” he cannot see “paul private”

    Paul logs in and can see and post his private area but cannot see or post in johns.

    I will need a large amount of these private areas for customers like John and Paul.

    How can this be done?

    Thanks, i really appreciate the help.

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  • youngmoneychina


    Trying to get s2Member to allow this function but only seems to restrict access to a restriction group number not a single user. Each user cannot have its own group as i can only create a max of 4 restricted groups.

    Any other way in s2 to create this option?


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