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Posting New Topics Problem

  • I have 2 bbpress instalation.

    First is public and use akismet.

    Second is for testing and doesn’t use akismet.

    I don’t know if it is a bug, but on public forum every my post treaten like a spam even when i’m logged in.

    On second forum, it doesn’t post unless I press “Undelete entire topic”.

    What I need:

    If someone post topic or reply it automaticaly show to public, and if akismet says it could be a spam it should only warn on special page, not block post.

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  • Probably I found a solution: bozo status.

    But there is another question, why all my registered users all bozos by default, how to change it?

    Apply this fix, then go to each profile, set the bozo status to 0 and update.

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