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Notices on private forum

  • Hi.

    I am setting up a forum here:

    The forum is only for members. So for people not logged ind, they just get this message: “Oh bother! No forums were found here!” in danish of course.

    This is not very useful and does not encourage guests to sign up. Is there a good way of throwing other content ind instead of this message?

    I know I can go through all forum theme files and add stuff myself, but this is tedious and repetitious. Is there a better way of doing this from functions.php file?



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  • I see you’re using Genesis – so you could hook in via functions.php or Simple Hooks Plugin and just add some content/message after that notice.

    bbPress already has a shortcode for registering: [bbp-register]

    So you might add that via Simple Hooks which supports placing of shortcodes.

    -Dave :)

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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