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logged in as without form_login?

  • papercuts3


    Ok, the form_login function calls for a login form when the user is not logged in and a View Your Profile link when the user is logged in. Now I want to remove the login form because there is already another page to log in (at some stage both are displayed on a single page which looks ridiculous). But I want to keep the View Your Profile etc. info.

    This is the problem. Any way to solve it is welcome bu I’m thinking that I would need some kind of “if logged in then do this else do that” kind of addition. So how can we know if a user is logged in and use that info to build a if () structure?

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  • I think it is as simple as editing a couple files:



    Just change them to what information you want to display and upload them to:



    Uploading to my-templates is the key because it doesn’t change the original login form pages. If you make a mistake, you just delete the one in that folder and bbPress will use the originals in bb-templates.


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