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Layout Problem with 2.1.2 Forum Using PHP Ease Theme

  • mpriola


    WordPress Version 3.4.1

    bbPress Plugin Version 2.1.2

    Theme is a customized version of PHP-Ease, which uses Blueprint for layout.


    The forums page (linked to above) looks fine, but if you click through to those forums or to individual posts, you’ll see that the header changes. Also, the right sidebar is all degraded. The forums themselves take up the whole width of the browser window. The sidebar stuff appears below.

    I’ve played with float attributes some, but all those do is alter the width of the table containing the forum materials. The sidebar stuff remains below.

    This was not a problem until bbPress 2.1 appeared.

    I have a feeling I need to merge style sheets or tell bbPress to use my own stylesheet, but I’m at a loss as to how to do these things. Any help you can provide would be appreciated.

    By the way: overall, great product. I’m a fan.


    Marty Priola

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  • Do you still see the same theme behavior if you switch ‘theme packages’



    Yes–except it’s worse with the other theme package. All of the CSS from the site disappears. Everything in a row, as if there were no CSS at all except for the stuff that controls the forums themselves.



    If you have firebug installed you can check all the correct stylesheets that should be loaded are getting loaded using the net panel. It might give you a hint into what is going on.

    Good luck.



    That’s somewhat helpful. It appears that the basic style sheet is running, but there’s another style sheet (bp.print.css) that is not. Even though it’s imported into the style sheet that IS running.

    I can’t tell whether bbpress is leaving the styles out entirely or simply not seeing the stylesheet.

    It looks like that from some of your customization you have removed some of the ‘wrapper’ bbPress classes from your templates eg. this will indeed change the layout and sidebar issues you are seeing.



    How would that happen?

    I didn’t change any of the bbPress pages or alter any of the classes.

    The page was working properly and displaying correctly. I made no change other than upgrading the bbPress plugin.

    Would the bbPress plugin have removed or changed such things? If so is there a safe way to replace them where I won’t have this problem every time the plugin is changed?



    More info:

    Look at this page:

    Society Activities

    The head tag ends. There is no opening body tag. This is unlike most all other pages in this site. How could this happen?

    I have not changed the WordPress files, etc.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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