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Integrate wp2.7 and bbp1.0a2

  • John James Jacoby


    Okay, I think I’ve experienced similar problems as most of you, and I just got mine working logging in and out from every angle with access to the admin panel on both. It still seems to hiccup a little when changing roles, so I am still trying to track that down, but I wanted to share where I am so far.

    I am using the WordPress 2.7 beta 3 nightly build, and the bbPress 1.0 alpha 2. I am using various plug-ins and what-not and have akismet active on both.

    My host is

    There are a few things that are of the utmost importance:

    1. I recommend BEING LOGGED INTO WORDPRESS AS ‘admin’ with user_id of ‘1’ when you install bbPress. Any other Administrator account didn’t want to redirect to the admin panel properly. I assume the cookies will immediately conflict as they are shifted around, causing weird issues from the start.
    2. BOTH -config.php files need to have the AUTH, SECURE, and LOGGED_IN KEYS defined correctly.
    3. I personally also defined the SECRET_KEY in WordPress, although I’m not sure this is necessary yet.
    4. bbPress needs to have the salts entered correctly during installation so that they match WordPress. Fortunately the link to the hidden admin panel is provided during the install so you can get them pretty conveniently. I personally did not have a secure_salt so I left it empty.
    5. MUST add
      $bb->WP_BB = true;
      if (file_exists('../wp-blog-header.php'))
      if (file_exists('../../wp-blog-header.php'))

      or your personal equivalent to bb-config.php

    6. I personally had to add
      define('COOKIE_DOMAIN', '');
      define('COOKIEPATH', '');

      to my wp-config.php to make it go.

    7. Login to bbPress as ‘admin’ if you are already not, navigate to settings/wordpress integration, and adjust the role map accordingly.
    8. Visit bb-admin/rewrite-rules.php page and copy the code
    9. Put the following in a file named “.htaccess” file and place that file in the bbpress root directory:
      Options -MultiViews

      This is to make sure your URL’s are rewriting correctly.

    10. Logout.
    11. Clear all website cookies and attempt logging in either/or/both WordPress and bbPress. Access admin panels of both. Basically check for functionality.

    That’s how I got mine working. Like I said, I’m still having issues assigning user roles for some reason, so I’ll try and figure that out next.

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  • @levifig: Well I forgot to add… yes me too lost the wp_user_level on my user id. But in the end, I can’t access BB admin though it shows me logged in.

    @Nipon: try to log out and then back in again. I bet you it will tell you that the username does not exist!

    I had to take out the WP->BBP integration to get that back working.

    Again, I posted something here this morning and it’s not showing up while it showed up immediately after posting…

    Will it show up later? Is it gone forever?

    Bottom line: no more bbPress for me!

    Just to add to this conversation: I’ve tried to integrate WPMU Version 2.7-RC1-10145 and bbPress Version 1.0-alpha-2 (both from svn trunk).

    User accounts are being shared, user roles are not mapping, cookies are not working.

    Anyone else got past this point without a dirty hack for these recent versions?

    (On another note, bbPress doesn’t seem to want to know about users that are created from LDAP accounts which WPMU is authenticating against. It only recognises locally created accounts). I’m using this nice plugin for LDAP.


    I think we’re all on the same boat: accounts shared and… that’s about it!


    I’m starting to wonder if this is actually a worthy open-source project or some project that started with some pretty good intentions and just died out! bbPress is in nooo way related to WP!

    yep, very frustrating… i have the same issue whether i use 2.5 and alpha 1 rc2, 2.6 and alpha1 rc2, or 2.7 and alpha 1 rc2.

    login to WP, go to BB and click on “Admin” does not go to Admin section – BROKEN

    login WP, user stays logged in to WP and BB – WORKS

    login to BB, user is not logged into WP – BROKEN

    I’ve tried every integration post on and with no luck. anyone have ideas?

    Well, I wouldn’t be so harsh… It’s not even 1.0 software yet and I’m looking to integrate two applications from SVN trunk, ideally using a third-party LDAP plugin :-) I didn’t really expect it to work but hopefully reporting my findings might help us along the way…

    I’ve spent enough time on it for now, but will watch for progress and help test with interest.


    Sure, but when is a 1.0 product coming out?? And remember, WP is not bound to bbPress and bbPress is just darn slow! I’m ok with that, but I can’t afford using it if that’s the case! Every new WP version breaks integration and then there’s months before a new version of bbPress comes out… Sorry, not for me!

    Don’t get me wrong, I love what they got here, but it just doesn’t fit me! I’ll recommend it to ppl wanting a very lightweight forum with little to no integration with any CMS! Well.. in that case why use bbPress, that’s my question!

    See? :)

Viewing 8 replies - 26 through 33 (of 33 total)
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