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display user_nicename instead of user_login

  • long story short

    I have integrated wordpress with my community. As my community uses the members EMAIL as the login, I have hacked wordpress to do the same. (when a member signs up on my custom user db table, a trigger updates the wordpress wp_users table, setting BOTH email and user_login to the email address of the new member)

    now I have implemented bbpress. My bbpress uses the wp_users table as well, all is fine.

    to my dissapointment, bbpress displays user_login values on the forum instead of user_nicename.

    I do not want to dispay user_login (because it is the email address of my members). [ I have commented out the bbpress function which forces bbpress user_logins to not contain @, . and other chars.

    Is there a way to easily display user_nicename instead of user_login. If not is there an easy way to tweak this?

    So an obvious second question, have i comprimised security in any manner by commenting out the sanitize function and thereby allowing email adresses as bbpress (and wordpress) “user_login” values?


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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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