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Dashboard has incorrect menu addresses

  • Just installed, forum linked w/WP. Seems okay.

    From the forum I can login and get ADmin link. It works, taking me to Dashboard.

    However, on Dashboard main page, the menu links for Dashboard, Users, Presentation, etc. have incorrect address.

    Blog is at

    Forum is at

    config.php has $bb_domain = “”

    and $bb_path=”/forums/”

    On the forum the “Admin” link is “” and works properly. Once there, its “self-link” has been changed to “” and, of course, doesn’t work. The other links have also removed the “/blogs/test” part of the $bbdomain variable content.

    Any ideas?

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  • Like so?

    I think $bb_path should be /blogs/test/forums/ and $bb_domain should be

    Like so: http:/192./168.1.29/forums/bb-admin/xxx

    It’s already getting fuzzy, but I think the initial cut I had just the http:/ for $bb_domain and the Step 1 complained that it wasn’t a sub-directory of the WP, so I moved /forums from the domain root to being under the WP… I’ll have to go back and move that shite around a bit more and see what happens…

    But it’s bizarre that the forum has the admin path right and then the admin screws itself up… I grep’ped around quite a bit, and couldn’t see where admin decided to strip the wp-path off…

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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