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BBpress new user registration

  • hello friends, can you help me out on this issue.I have successfully installed BBpress and it is running.I am trying to register a new user for the BBpress.So i tried registering a new user providing details like email and user name.The problem is that the notification from BBpress says that user registration was successful and email with a password has been sent to the email provided during registration.But when i check my email, i have not received any mails from BBpress.Therefore a user is created but with no pass word and i cannot login.Also i am using a localhost server on windows XP with internet connection. Please help.Thanks.

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  • Email deliveries can be spotty… this plugin lets you specify the password yourself instead:

    I use it on all my sites, and customer service requests have plummeted!

    I’ve also seen the situation you are talking about where a user registers a new account but the email address matches one that is already in the database. In that situation bbPress silently kills the registration – no email is sent and no notification given of the “duplicate”.



    paulhawke, that sounds like a bug if true (WordPress warns you when you try to reuse an email). Please file a ticket at trac.



    I am having the same problem: when a new user registers, bbpress says that a password has been sent to the email address the user specifies. BUT the email never comes!

    I have tried the Instant Password plug-in mentioned above, but, as the developer states, it does not work for users of bbpress above .9, and I am using 1.0.2. (It says “password too short” even when it is above the required minimum 6 characters.)

    Can anyone advise? I am frustrated that after customizing bbpress to fit my Web site all week, I am unable to use it since no one can register!

    Thank you!


    My site:

    @chrishajer – D’oh! You’re right – it does say when an email is already in use. What was I thinking? ;-)

    hello everybody thanks for the solution.Johnhiler, thanks for the plugin solution but like rlebowitz10463 says, the plugin does not solve the issue.Can anyone please suggest any other solution.I tried registering for rlebowitz10463’s website, and the registration is not working, same like my problem. looks like chrishajer might have some solution since he is a moderator of the bbpress website.please help…anyone, thanks.

    johnhiler, the password plugin you suggested is not available on the bbpress website.

    @karma1981 – That’s a bug with the plugins page… there are two issues:

    1) The download only works if you are registered, for some reason. So first, you have to sign into the plugins install.

    2) The signin isn’t automatic because and are using different versions of bbPress and don’t have cookies integrated.

    So in short: sign into the plugins page, and the download should work! :-)

    thanks i got the plugin and got it installed but this seems like an open forum where everyone can register without an email..anyone can give in a dummy email id and post anonymous posts on my website.Can i get a plugin whereby a user can only log in into the forum by verifying through his email id.Thanks

    I have Instant Password installed on one forum where I get around 150 members a day, and this hasn’t been an issue? But the forum hasn’t had many griefers, so ymmv.

    I don’t think an “email verification” plugin exists… this is the closest I know of:

    Hope that helps!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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