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ah!!!!!! can not log in!!!!!

  • whywhywhy???

    yesterday, it worked…

    today, after i deleted cookies, i went to my forum and try to log in, it says : login failed, Incorrect password..

    than i try to do : recover password (it suppose to sent me a email. But there no any mail)

    what i can do?

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  • If you have console access…

    1. Login to your server.
    2. start mysql: mysql -u root -p and when prompted enter your password. (Or use any non root ID that has privilages to update your bbpress database.)
    3. select your bbPress db: use <yourDBname>;
    4. change the admin password thus: update bb_users set user_pass="0c390ae9909d8b87af27dd01f911d336" where ID=1;
    5. exit from MySQL
    6. Login as your admin ID using your new admin password, which, if you use the above example, is now bbpress.
    7. Change your password.


    Is it a bug? I cannot log in with my admin account to the forum which works with wordpress.

    I cannot find the table named bb_users.

    ColdCN, that’s strange.

    Does the information here help?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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