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Agregar nueva categoría de temas

  • Hola, quería saber si es posible crear una nueva categoría de temas??

    El básico tiene los temas generales y quiero agregar una nueva categoría.



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  • What made you think this was a Spanish forum????????

    <div style=”cursor:url(‘’)”>Hello</div>

    Ok! I’m Sorry!

    Is more simple for me.

    How do add a new category of topics?




    Log in as administrator or keymaster (whatever it’s called) and go to your admin panel. Go to Content > Forums and “Add Forum” there. That will give you another “category” (actually another forum) to post in.

    I think that’s what you mean?


    I refer to a new category of topics.

    That you say it is to add topics to the category “Main Theme” and me what I want is to have another category of topics, e.i. Secondary Themes

    Sam Bauers


    I think that’s what chrishajer is suggesting. Maybe try it and see if it turns out right for you.


    This is what I want.

    do they understand?



    If you are looking for secondary themes, you want subforums, which are built in. When you do as I suggested above you have the ability to select a parent forum, and when you do, your new forum becomes a child. Try it and see – I really think that’s what you want.



    You would have parent topics of “Main Theme” and “Secondary Themes” and then children of Main Theme as

    Main Theme

    — Installation

    — Troubleshooting

    — Themes

    — Plugins

    — Requests and Feedback

    — Pimp your Press

    and children of you Secondary Themes as

    Secondary Themes

    — Support Theme

    — Crystal Theme

    — Misty Theme

    — Free Blank Theme

    — Future King Theme

    Actually, after rereading that, I’m NOT sure that does what you want. You don’t want subforums, you just want categories of forums. Having never done it, I’m not sure it would work that way if you did it as I described. Did you try it and if so, what was your result?

    Sam Bauers


    The sub-forum setup may not be what you are after exactly, but it is the only way to closely approximate your needs using a default install.

    Categories (similar to what you show in your image) was something I spent quite a lot of effort on a few releases ago. It never made it to core, but there is still an intention to add similar functionality in the future. I’m thinking maybe we should have forums which don’t hold topics, and act as de-facto categories when they contain sub-forums. This is future stuff though, for now sub-forums is as good as it gets.



    Ah, sambauers and I crossed posts there.



    Go to Content > Forums and “Add Forum” there. That will give you another “category” (actually another forum) to post in.

    Esta bien, voy a explicarse lo que él dijo en el español :) . Vaya usted al Content>Forums, y clicka ¨Crear Forum¨, y se puede crear un catagoría con el nuevo foro :) . Hay un opción :D . Espero que usted sepa ahora :) .

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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