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  • Genesis has 2 functions that I have determined are causing the problems.

    http://pastie.org/2469242 (/genesis/lib/structure/post.php lines 101-143 (as of 1.7.1))

    The first function is the post image function. Users have the ability to automatically set image thumbnails to appear on the archive listings. However if they turn this on, when you go to a bbPress archive page a random image from the media library ends up on the top of the page. This is turned of by default in Genesis, but is widely used.

    The second function is how Genesis displays post content. You can see, depending on how the user has Genesis configured, it uses the_excerpt or the_content_limit – which results in a dead loop.

    The other things I did such as remove the post info/meta, breadcrumbs, etc are just purely cosmetic. They aren’t *needed* per say, but it can look screwy if they are outputted on some of the forum pages.

    As long as Genesis is forced to always use the_content and the post image option is nuked, everything should always work smoothly.

    If you want to explore the option of a core patch I’d be more than happy to help you with a patch and testing :)

    Alright guys, sorry it took me so long to post back here.

    I’ve written a quick post that details the problems (or at least, the ones I ran into) and have a quick plugin you can use as a starting point to hopefully get things working.

    Genesis bbPress Extend

    Like I said, this issue is strictly if you are developing on top of the Genesis Framework. If you are *not* using Genesis and having template issues, I’d recommend starting a new thread on it :P

    @jjj if you have time to look over my post, let me know if my diagnosis seems right (err, accurate) and the fix seems appropriate.


    Tracked the problem down to an issue with Genesis.

    I submitted the bug to Genesis trac. Not sure if a fix will make it to core, but if it doesn’t I’ll release a plugin that should prevent this issue from happening for others who are looking to run bbPress with Genesis.

Viewing 3 replies - 701 through 703 (of 703 total)