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    Alrighty, here’s the scoop:

    I added <?php do_action('extra_profile_info_display', $user); ?> to my profile.php file, right above the second to last line, <?php profile_pages(); ?>.

    In my template-functions.php file, I have the following:

    function extra_profile_edit() {


    global $user_id, $bb_current_user,$bbdb;

    // Get dA username, if it exists

    $da_username = $bbdb->get_var("SELECT meta_value FROM $bbdb->usermeta WHERE meta_key = 'da_username' AND user_id = '$user_id'");

    // Get the user's real name, if it exists

    $user_realname = $bbdb->get_var("SELECT meta_value FROM $bbdb->usermeta WHERE meta_key = 'user_realname' AND user_id = '$user_id'");

    // Input fields that have a default value of the set variable

    echo "





    value="$da_username" />


    <input name="user_realname"






    And now for the real meat of the thing:

    function extra_update() {

    global $user_id;

    bb_update_usermeta($user_id, "da_username", $_POST['da_username']);

    bb_update_usermeta($user_id, "user_realname", $_POST['user_realname']);


    add_action('extra_profile_info', 'extra_profile_edit');

    add_action('profile_edited', 'extra_update');

    add_action('extra_profile_info_display', 'extra_display');

    My apologies for the length of the post…



    I think I’ve found a solution, by searching the forums (go figure).


    I quite like this plugin… I’m going to enable it on my forums.

    I should have realized… I’m adding an action, not a filter…

    [edit] OK, well I’m one step closer, kind of. I need to make a new row (?) for each new profile field.

    [another edit]

    I’m closer: here’s the function I need; bb_update_usermeta



    Hey there, I’m trying something out here… I made a plugin called template-functions.php and I’m trying out one thing here.

    If I put this line:





    function extra_profile_info () {}

    my profile info is gone, except for the username field and a password field.

    I can only see the password field if I view the source… It’s not visible…

    Still working on it…

    edit: Oh boy, I guess the function extra_profile_info exists! Still going…

    another edit:

    Well now check this out:


    10/13/05… “Hooks for extra fields”?

    This is more like it!



    Awesome, I’ll give it a go.

    Funny you mention your avatar plugin… I saw yours but I wasn’t crazy about the modification of core files, so I wrote my own upload script. It uploads a JPG, GIF, or PNG file under 20kb, with a fixed resolution of 64×64 px. If any of these conditions aren’t met, it spits out an error.

    If your username is UserName, then the file is named username-avatar.gif or whatever image extension is.

    I have a simple detection script for the image in the file post.php. It works for now, but I’d like something a little better. If you’d like a peek at the code just let me know.

    I’m working on a PM system, and a post preview “plugin”… it’s slow going though, as college gets in the way quite a considerable bit.



Viewing 4 replies - 26 through 29 (of 29 total)