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Wrong numbers of topics and articles

  • asprofirst


    Hi All,

    I have implemented bbPress (last version) in my WordPress blog (last version too) at the (directly to the forum page at yet visible by search engine)
    I am facing an issue with numbers of topics and articles in bbPress.
    I have several forums on my page (the page is called Forums), posting topics on a forum doesn’t show any modification of the topic and article numbers (counters stay at 0). If I click on the line of the forum which is supposed to host topics I can verify the topics I have posted are there. This happens when I am not connected, when I am connected the counters are OK, actually there is a mismatch between these counters in connected mode or in non-connected mode.
    This is for me a big issue, with counters showing 0 nobody is going to enter the forum, the forum being supposed to be empty.

    Thanks in advance for your help, this is my first bbPress implementation.


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